Special Edition Kit to benefit the Wolters family following their 2020 ordeal, as told by Heather:

"We had to take Seth into the ER on Friday afternoon 2/28 because his heart was racing at 190 BPM and in atrial fibrillation. By morning, he would be on an ECMO machine, transferred to ICU at UCSF, and on ventilation and total life support. He remained in ICU for almost a month and it took him the better part of 3 weeks to come out of the medically induced coma.


And from there it has been a loooooong journey: over 5 months in hospitals to rehab, back to the hospital, into skilled nursing, back into rehab., finally discharged to home on 8/6. He had to start all over…how to breathe, drink, eat, talk, move. We had a few setbacks along the way, learned a whole new level of what “patience” can mean, and Seth had to fight this battle mostly isolated from family and friends as we were kicked out of the hospital just 2 weeks after his arrival to ICU because of COVID restrictions. Not until much further in the process, were we let back in with many restrictions and when it's all said and done, the only current diagnosis that we have is "viral myocarditis" which is pretty darn vague.


We were told at one point that multi organ transplant was in our future, but they have been recovering slowly and steadily and by last reports that may no longer be necessary (finger and toes and everything else crossed!). From such an extended hospital stay, he’s also working on regaining a significant weight and muscle mass loss, but with the help of PT and OT Seth started taking steps in the apartment last week with the walker!


We never would have made it this far if it hadn’t been for the unbelievable and NEVER ENDING support of our family and friends! A beautiful silver lining in this horrible mess has been the total realization that we are surrounded by SO much love and truly, the most amazing people on the planet. Seth’s Dad has been here with us the entire time, for which I cannot be more grateful. Without his support, I’m pretty sure I would have locked myself in the corner of a dark closet a long time ago. Seth, COVID, wildfires, home schooling…2020 has been ‘quite the event’. So, much love to you all and don’t miss the chance to hug the ones you love and tell them how much they mean to you.


Keep the love and the faith,

Team Wolters"


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