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What is PHOOTYKits ?

PHOOTYKITS is a crossover project at the intersection of several different passions: graphic design, football (soccer), and the band Phish.

It re-imagines each Phish song as a Football Club and what each club's crest and uniform (kit) would look like. The players on each team are famous versions of each song, as Phisheads commonly refer to them: the names are dictated by the venue or the city, the number by the show date. Real life soccer clubs' team crests and kits have obviously served as inspiration for many designs but song/club associations are purely fortuitous and design-driven. To complete the exercise, the corporate sponsors are also all fictional, and to the best of my intent, tie back in some way or other to the song/team.

For now this is merely a pet project. However, having recently managed to design sets of entirely customized kits and get them printed for groups of friends (see pictures at the bottom of the main page), I would like nothing more than to do the same with some of these in time for Summer Tour 2019. As this project gains traction with Phish and/or soccer fans, we will be organizing printing runs of fully customized kits (size/name/number) as soon as minimum order size is reached.

Thanks for your support. Don't hesitate to send us pictures of yourselves rocking your PHOOTYKITS at the next show. All comments welcome, and don't forget to follow PHOOTYKITS on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep track of the latest kits and news.

Play on and Blaze on.