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This all started out as a crossover design project at the intersection of 2 passions: football (soccer), and the band Phish.

Originally i was merely seeking out a way to get these printed for myself, but having attended Phish shows at DICK's on a pair of occasions it became clear that soccer Phans are out there and growing in numbers. I figured maybe others would also appreciate the intricacies of these designs, whether they be soccer phans or simply Phish geeks. Here's to hoping everyone can find here their next unique and customized piece of show-wear.

PHOOTYKITS re-imagines each Phish song as a Football Club, each with its own club crest and uniform (kit). We root for Phish songs like sports teams, and argue about which version was the best constantly, much like how two players compare. In that vein, at PHOOTYKITS the players on each team are famous versions of each song (Albany YEM, Boise Bag, Nassau Tweezer, etc.)  as Phans commonly refer to them: the names on the back are a reference to either the venue or the city, the number corresponds to the show date.

All designs have been made in profound respect and adherence to football culture and history, both traditional and more contemporary, and from all countries and regions around the world. Real life football clubs' team names, crests and kits have obviously served as inspiration for many designs but any song/club associations are purely fortuitous and design-driven. To complete the exercise, the corporate sponsors are all fictional, and to the best of my intent, tie back in some way or other to the song lyrics (if there are any).

since I dont produce kits myself, supplying customized and made-to-order products requires a slightly more convoluted preorder system. But a real micro community of Phootykits owners have grown in the Lots since the pandemic finished. Look out for them at the next show! Phootykit has topped 1500 units printed and shipped and has since diversified to Tshirts, hoodies and soon hats.

Follow PHOOTYKITS on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep track of the latest kits and news. Don't forget to tag us wearing your kits on social media. Thanks for everyone's support!

Play on and Blaze on.

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