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Need inspiration to pick a name and number? Choose from any of these Sporting Mercury "All-Stars":

#2 Vegas (11/2/18)

#11 Merriweather (8/11/18)

#22 Riviera Maya (2/22/19)

#24 BGCC (7/24/18)


Other suggestions include choosing the first version you saw.


This design was last printed in April 2019. Check the order count to see how soon it might print again.


  • All PHOOTYKITS are made-to-order. Each designs needs to reach Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) before it can go into production, so all orders are essentially PRE-ORDERS until that MOQ limit (> 7 preorders) is reached.

    Once MOQ is reached for a design, a closing date will be determined for the order window. Only then are payments collected: an email will be sent to that effect with payment instructions. Payment is via Paypal only.

    Only once all payments are collected can production begin. This process takes between 1 and 2 weeks depending on design complexity. Once kits ship, you will receive your USPS tracking number. Shipping times vary greatly, especially in pandemic times. Bide your time and take it slow.


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