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Need inspiration to pick a name and number? You could pick a song from your favorite night and the number based on which night of the Dozen that was.


As for the Sleeves Patch, make sure to specify which night's patch you would like in the "Add text on kit's back hem" field at checkout. If nothing is indicated you will get the standard Baker's Dozen patch by default.


This design was last printed in September 2022. Check the order count to see how soon it might print again.

Baker's Dozen 5th anniversary

  • All PHOOTYKITS are made-to-order. Each designs needs to reach Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) before it can go into production, so all orders are essentially PRE-ORDERS until that MOQ limit (> 7 preorders) is reached.

    Once MOQ is reached for a design, a closing date will be determined for the order window. Only then are payments collected: an email will be sent to that effect with payment instructions. Payment is via Paypal only.

    Only once all payments are collected can production begin. This process takes between 1 and 2 weeks depending on design complexity. Once kits ship, you will receive your USPS tracking number. Shipping times vary greatly, especially in pandemic times. Bide your time and take it slow.

  • Phootykits are authentic soccer jerseys produced in Asia, mainly for athletes of small build. The sizing is therefore significantly smaller (and slimmer) than usual US sizes.

    To help you find a comfortable fit, use these conversion charts : select your usual size in the Mainstream Scale and find the corresponding Phootykits size.

    For specific Womens and Kids sizes, please select "Other" and I will be in touch.


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