What's going to print next, when and how?

All PHOOTYKITS are made-to-order. Each designs needs to reach Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) before it can go into production, so all orders are essentially PRE-ORDERS until that MOQ limit (> 7 preorders) is reached.

Once MOQ is reached for a design, it becomes a lock for printing. The next 4 print runs are confirmed with set ordering deadlines every 2 weeks. Whichever kit design leads the pre-order ranks following a print run takes the next spot in the confirmed printing order. 

Payments are collected a week from the order deadline: an email will be sent to that effect with payment instructions. Payment is via Paypal only.

Only once all payments are collected can production begin. This process takes between 1 and 2 weeks depending on design complexity. Once kits ship, you will receive your USPS tracking number. Shipping times vary greatly, especially in pandemic times. Bide your time and take it slow.

Real Guyute FC Front 2020 LS.jpg

Order Count: 11

Order window closes May 20

AC Soul Planet Front.jpg

Order Count: 9

Order window closes Jun 3

Rapid Llama Front.jpg

Order Count: 7

Order window to close Jun 17

Fee Front creasty_edited.jpg

2nd edition

Order Count: 7

Order window to close July 1st

Other Kits receiving preorders (MOQ = 7):

8 preorders: Fuck Your Face

7 preorders: AC DC Bag, Gumbo,  Sand, Stash, Suzy Greenberg


6 preorders: Prep School Hippie, Twist

5 preorders: Bathtub Gin (2nd edition),Maze, You Enjoy Myself (3rd edition), What's The Use?

4 preorders:  Birds of a Feather, Camel Walk, Chalk Dust Torture (2nd edition), Divided Sky (2nd edition), Light, Mockingbird Foundation (2nd edition), Squirming Coil, Taste, The Wedge, Vultures, Weekapaug Groove

3 preorders: 46 Days, Run Like An Antelope (2nd edition), Death Don't Hurt Very Long, Down With Disease (2nd edition), Fluffhead (3rd edition), Foam (2nd edition), Ghost (2nd edition), Icculus (2nd edition), Martian Monster, Piper, Possum (2nd edition), Sanity, Slave to the Traffic Light,Theme Fom The Bottom, Tube (2nd edition)