Phish Songs as Futból teams

KIT: (noun) British -  clothing used for an activity such as a sport, or attending phish shows.
"players in football kit". Similar: jersey, outfit


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April 11, 2020: These are tough times for all for a variety of reasons, but never more so than for those losing their gigs.
As a gesture of support, for every new preorder Phootykits will throw in a bonus kit of the same design - but also entirely customizeable - for you to gift any phan you might know who has recently gone unemployed and could use a pick-me-up. That's a 2-for-1 limited offer if bonus recipient qualifies, tape trader's honour.
Simply place 2 pre-orders, one for yourself with your jersey and delivery details and one for your friend with hers/his, but make sure to specify the same email addy for both so i know this is a discounted order. Better start checking their  jersey size.
This offer will remain valid for these next 4 designs at least.
#AllInThisTogether #tapetradershonour #2for1

Check the rest of the PRODUCTION SCHEDULE to see which other kits are scheduled for printing and when.

Curious about the final product? see past printed editions as sent in by phans.

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